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¿What Is Facial Micro Surgery?

¿What is facial micro surgery?

Microsurgery is all that operation that is performed using the surgical microscope, an instrument that has a powerful lighting system, 3D three-dimensional vision and a zoom to magnify the images in the field where surgery is performed.

The Surgical Microscope was manufactured in Germany by Carl Zeiss, in 1953 it was used for the first time to perform ear and ophthalmic surgeries. Currently, thanks to the great benefits it offers, its use has been extended to other specialties, which undoubtedly has transformed the way surgical procedures are practiced today.

Microsurgery is a technique that allows complex procedures that previously seemed impossible, such as the repair of small blood vessels, nerves and tissue transplants, and it is currently the link on which Robotic Surgery, Nano Surgery and greater advances in medical science are based on.

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