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¿What Is Advanced Micro-rhinoplasty (AMR)?

¿What is advanced micro-rhinoplasty (AMR)?

Advanced Micro-Rhinoplasty (AMR), used since 1988, only and exclusively by Dr. Luis Alfonso Parra, is the ideal surgical technique to carry out the plastic and functional Nose surgery.

Advanced Micro-Rhinoplasty (AMR), is carried out using a surgical microscope. that has a powerful illumination system, tridimensional vision and a zoom to magnify the images of the operating area.

Advanced Micro-Rhinoplasty (AMR), is carry out with micrometric precision and minimal incisions that don’t leave marks; without blind maneuvers that can cause defects that will afterwards need retouches or more surgeries; preserving the integrity of the nose’s tissues, allowing a good cicatrisation and avoiding the appearance of an unnatural and artificial nose.

Advanced Micro-Rhinoplasty (AMR) generates minimal inflammation and bruises, minimal pain,
minimal risks and a fast recovery.

The most remarkable aspects of Advanced Micro-Rhinoplasty (AMR), is that it allows the surgeon to obtain beautiful and natural results, keep ethnical and family features of the patient, achieve a harmony with the rest of the face’s factions creating a seductive look, a radiant smile, a kind face and an optimistic and happy being.

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